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“Leesa Coyne is an incredibly gifted artist whose work is distinguished by her professionalism, dilligence and attention to detail. She was a joy to work with during my time at Cone. I proudly give Leesa my highest recommendation.


Kristian (Darigan) Merenda,
SVP Business + Social Purpose



“After working with Leesa for more than five years, here are a few things I’ve learned about her. As a graphic designer, she can make anything look good. As a corporate video producer, she can bring a tear to the eye of even the most thick-skinned executive. As a team member, she will not say it’s a wrap until her contributions pass her high standards of quality and creativity.”


Adam Ritchie,

Adam Ritchie Brand Direction



Here is what some
folks had to say about working with Leesa:

“I had the pleasure of working with Leesa for years at Cone. She is extremely creative and has an amazing design eye. Her attention to the small details and dedication to making everything look perfect, results in high quality deliverables. On top of it all, Leesa is fun to work with and works well with many different personalities.”


Kivalena Starr
Senior Account Supervisor Cause & CSR



“Leesa is smart. She is creative. She is not one of those designers who only understands how to draw a pretty picture or manage things behind the camera. Leesa knows how everything fits together, and she isn’t afraid to share her thoughts or put her stamp on a project. She made me look smarter and more creative than I am, and she does that for everyone around her. I would take one Leesa before a dozen other designers, because she brings more to the table than the others combined.”


Brian Reich
SVP and Global Editor


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